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Cheng, Wilson, University of Alberta Hospital/Stollery Children’s Hospital/Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute (Canada)
Cherns, Shira, Novo Nordisk Canada Inc. (Canada)
Chernushkin, Kseniya, Vancouver General Hospital 855 West 12th Avenue Vancouver BC V5Z 1M9 (Canada)
Cheung, Anne, West Park Healthcare Centre (Canada)
Chevalier, Bernadette, Pharmacy Australia Centre of Excellence (Australia)
Chevalier (Pro), Bernadette A M, The University of Queensland (Australia)
Chiasson, Charles-Olivier, Université de Montreal (Canada)
Children, Hospital for Sick, Hospital for Sick Children (Canada)
Chin, T. (Canada)
Chin, Thomas, St. Michael's Hospital, University of Toronto (Canada)
Chin, Thomas (Canada)
Chin, Tom, CSHP Task Force on Pharmacist Prescribing. (Canada)
Chin, Tom (Canada)
Chin, Tom, CSHP Task Force on Pharmacist Prescribing (Canada)
Ching, Agatha (Canada)
Chionglo, Mirjana, The Hospital for Sick Children (Canada)
Chisholm, Kim (Canada)
Chittock, Dean, Vancouver Coastal Health – Vancouver Acute, Vancouver General Hospital, University of British Columbia (Canada)
Chiu, Anna, London Health Sciences Centre, Trillium Health Centre (Canada)
Chiu, Jenny, North York General Hospital (Canada)
Chiu, Jonathan, The Credit Valley Hospital and Trillium Health Centre (Canada)
Chiveri, Andrei, CHU Sainte-Justine
Chiveri, Andrei, CHU Sainte-Justine (Canada)
Cho, Eva, Children’s and Women’s Health Centre of British Columbia (Canada)
Choi, May, University of Calgary (Canada)
Choma, Gail (Canada)
Chong, Diane (Canada)
Chong, Judy, Royal Victoria Hospital (Canada)
Chong, Terry (Canada)
Chony, Robert (Canada)
Choong, Karen, McMaster University (Canada)
Chou, Jenny Wen-Lin, University of British Columbia, Children’s and Women’s Health Centre of British Columbia (Canada)
Choudhury, Julie, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre (Canada)
Chow, Ivy, Burnaby Hospital (Canada)
Chow, Ivy, University of Toronto (Canada)
Chow, Janet, University Health Network (Canada)
Chow, Katherine S. (Canada)
Chow, Katherine S., University of British Columbia (Canada)
Chow, R. (Canada)
Chowdhry, Unnum, Northwest Telepharmacy Solutions (Canada)
Christian, Michael D, Mount Sinai Hospital (Canada)
Christopher, Alicia (Canada)
Chu, Eric, Department of Pharmacy, Vancouver General Hospital (Canada)
Chu, Winnie, The University of British Columbia (Canada)
Chua, Doson
Chua, Doson, St Michael’s Hospital (Canada)
Chua, Doson, Department of Pharmacy St Paul’s Hospital (Canada)
Chua, Doson, St Paul’s Hospital (Canada)
Chua, Doson, University of British Columbia (Canada)
Chubaty, Adriana, Prince of Wales Hospital (Australia)
Chui, Donna, Fraser Health Pharmacy Services (Canada)
Chui, Wendy (Canada)
Chung, Erin, The Hospital for Sick Children (Canada)
Cifani, Carlo, University of Camerino (Italy)
Cipywnyk, Donna (Canada)
Clark, Catherine, St Paul’s Hospital (Canada)
Clark, Charmaine, Calgary Health Region (Canada)
Clark, Deborah, Alberta Health Services (Canada)
Clark, Sharon, Fraser Health Authority (Canada)
Clarke, Erin, The Moncton Hospital (Canada)
Cleve, Richard, Surrey Memorial Hospital (Canada)
Closson, Violaine (Canada)
Clouthier, Wendy (Canada)
Co, Michelle, Ridge Meadows Hospital (Canada)
Co, Michelle
Co (Pro), Michelle (Canada)
Coffin, Carla S, University of Calgary and Foothills Medical Centre
Colby, W.D. (Canada)
Cole, Dana L. (Canada)
Cole, Dana, Northern Health (Canada)
Cole, Mollie, Calgary Health Region (Canada)
Colella, Robert L. (Canada)
Collin-Lévesque, Laurence, Centre hospitalier universitaire Sainte-Justine (Canada)
Collins, Kyle, University of British Columbia (Canada)
Collins, Mark, Lion’s Gate Hospital, University of British Columbia (Canada)
Collins, Mark F. (Canada)
Colllins, Mark, Lion’s Gate Hospital (Canada)
Colquhoun, Marg (Canada)
Colquhoun, Margaret, Institute for Safe Medication Practices Canada (ISMP Canada) (Canada)
Colquhoun, Margaret, Institute for Safe Medication Practices Canada (ISMP Canada), Markham Stouffville Hospital (Canada)
Combeau, Dominique (Canada)
Combeau, Dominique, Hôpital Robert Debré (AP-HP) (France)
Comelli, Marylin, Centre hospitalier universitaire Sainte-Justine (Canada)
Committee, Journal (Canada)
Compani, Sara, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre (Canada)
Condé, Claire, The Richmond Hospital, Richmond Mental Health Team (Canada)
Condron, John H. (Canada)
Conly, John, University of Calgary (Canada)
Connell, Katherine A. (Canada)
Connelly, Sarah E, London Health Sciences Centre (Canada)
Connelly, Sarah, London Health Sciences Centre (Canada)
Connolly, Stuart J, McMaster University (Canada)
Constable, Kyoko (Canada)
Contreiras, Claire, Providence Healthcare (Canada)
Cook, Deborah, St Joseph’s Healthcare; McMaster University (Canada)
Cook, Deborah J, McMaster University (Canada)
Coons, C. (Canada)
Cooper, James W. (Canada)
Coote, Cathy (Canada)
Corman, Celine, The Ottawa Hospital (Canada)

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